Optimising the Conservation Agriculture system for non-commercial and semi-commercial smallholders
Published 2017

Presentation from the Grain-SA Smallholder farmer innovation programme No Till Conference Contents:

  • Study areas of Bergville, EC, Southern-KZN and KZN Midlands
  • Socio-economic situation of these areas
  • Awareness raising and community learning
  • Farmer level experimentation
  • Conservation agriculture principles
  • Inter-cropping and close spacing
  • And more
Climate Smart Agriculture
Published 2017

Presentation regarding appropriate, well facilitated, site specific basket of options for water management and climate change adaptation

Soil Health Day: Optimising the Conservation Agriculture system for non-commercial and semi-commercial smallholders (Grain-SA Smallholder farmer innovation programme)
Published 2017
First Rand Innovation for Impact: Prototype Testing
Published 2017
Conservation Agriculture in South Africa: Lessons from Case Studies
Published 2017
First Rand Innovation for Impact: Water
Published 2017
LIMA: Masilimeni Training of Trainers
Published 2016

Training of the main field work team for the new Masilimeni programme for Wesbank 2016-2019, to provide a coherent implementation process in all three sites with quality and standardised inputs for training and learning sessions for participant farmers. The Masilimeni programme is to include more in depth training for farmers at three levels (Survivalist, subsistence and livelihoods), with a progression of information and skills levels built in. New topics are also to be included; nutrition and value adding, including dietary diversity scores, soil and water conservation and rainwater harvesting, diversification, seed saving, fruit production, conservation agriculture, savings, local savings and credit clubs, budgeting, marketing and micro enterprise planning.

Lirapa: How to get the best from your garden. 2nd edition.
Published 2008

A collaborative effort between the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and Partners. Produced with the assistance of many people in Lesotho, including farmers and staff from Non Government Organisations and Government Departments. The manual is written in seSotho and English in easy to read format with many photos and drawings. It is meant for farmers and householders and those facilitators that support them.

Conservation Agriculture Manual
Published December 2015

The manual has been produced in English and Zulu. Chapters include; Healthy soils , conservation agriculture, how to implement conservation agriculture, improving soil health and cover crops.

Composting and manure utilization manual: Natural methods for improving soil health and fertility
Published September 2011

Produced by the Empowerment for Food Security Programme, KwaZulu Natal Department of Agriculture, environmental Affairs and Rural Development, with financial support provided by FICA (Flemish International Cooperation Agency. By Lima Rural Development Foundation Chapters include: Living soil, composting, soil enriching methods, liquid manures, manure, green manures, agro-forestry, mixed cropping, wormeries and conservation agriculture. Farmer level handouts in English and Zulu accompany the manual. Read more…. C&M final manual. Print.

Farmer Handouts
Published 2009

Resource Material for Homestead Food Gardeners

Natural Pest and disease Control Handbook
Published 2012

A handbook produced for support in learning and training in natural pest and disease control. Produced by Lima RDF for the Empowerment for Food Security Programme, KZNDARD. Topics include Natural enemies and friends, Micro-organisms, diagnosing plant problems, bio indicators, chemical and natural control, prevention, physical control methods, biological pest control, botanical remedies and organic remedies.

Diversification and Food Preparation Manual
Published September 2011

Produced by Lima RDF for the Empowerment for Food Security Programme, KZNDARD. Chapters include Diversification in production, food behaviour and choices, food and water safety for healthy households, food safety and personal hygiene, food preparation and food practices, how people develop or change food behaviours, promotion of traditional food and modified traditional food recipes.

Traditional Food Production and Promotion
Published September 2011

Produced by Lima RDF for the Empowerment for Food Security Programme, KZNDARD. A set of farmer level handouts in English and Zulu accompany the handbook. Topics include: Nutrition, Cultivation of traditional crops, African leafy vegetables, indigenous wild fruits, seed saving, seasonal calendars and conservation agriculture.

Agricultural Water Use in Homestead Gardening Systems Volume 2
Published 2010

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition among development practitioners in South Africa of the central importance of household food security. Particularly, greater appreciation developed of the impact of food insecurity and malnutrition – especially among preschoolers – on the individual, the family, and the wider economy. Focus started to shift to the potential role of the homestead yard in food production for improved family diets, and government started to realise that lack of water had prevented many people from growing crops in their backyards. This Resource Material for Facilitators and Food Gardeners on Agricultural Water Management in Homestead Farming Systems was developed with funding by the Water Research Commission (WRC) of South Africa, and is the output of a research project entitled: “Participatory development of training material for agricultural water use in homestead farming systems for improved livelihoods”. Volume 2: Resource material for facilitators and gardeners Chapters 1-7.

  1. Chapter 1 Rural realities and homestead food gardening options (TT 431/2/09)
  2. Chapter 2 – Facilitation of homestead food gardening (TT 431/2/09)
    1. Handouts: Chapter 2 – Homestead Food Gardener’s Resource Packs
  3. Chapter 3 – Living and eating well (TT 431/2/09)
    1. Handouts: Chapter 3 – Homestead Food Gardener’s Resource Packs
  4. Chapter 4 – Diversifying production in homestead food gardening (TT 431/3/09)
    1. Handouts: Chapter 4 – Homestead Food Gardener’s Resource Packs
  5. Chapter 5 – Garden and homestead water management for food gardening (TT 431/3/09)
    1. Handouts: Chapter 5 – Homestead Food Gardener’s Resource Packs
  6. Chapter 6 – Soil fertility management: Optimising the productivity of soil and water (TT 431/4/09)
    1. Handouts: Chapter 6 – Homestead Food Gardener’s Resource Packs
  7. Chapter 7 Income opportunities from homestead food gardening (TT 431/4/09)

Farmer handouts are linked below.

Presentations and Workshops
Learning Conservation Agriculture the Innovation Systems way
Published September 2018

Grain-SA Smallholder Farmer Innovation Programme


  • Farmer-centred Innovation System
  • Awareness raising and Access to Information
  • Incentives and Market Based Mechanisms
  • On-farm, farmer-led Research
  • Education and Training

Erna Kruger,  Ngcobo P, Dlamini M and Smith H

AWARD AgriSI Cluster Review Workshop October 2018
Published October 2018
Promotion and Production of Traditional Food
Garden Design for Soil Fertility and Water Management
Rainwater Harvesting: Principles and Techniques

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