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An open day was arranged at Christine Thobejane’s homestead in Sedawa. The aims of this open day were as follows:

  • To provide an opportunity for members form all 6 villages to visit a good working examples of introduced and implemented innovations and good practices in agroecology and soil and water conservation,
  • To do a group review of learning and implementation to date,
  • To do a group review of the principles in good practice implementation (five fingers)
  • To showcase this work to relevant stakeholders including staff form AWARD, other NGO’s government departments and the Local Municipality and
  • To provide a learning and mentoring opportunity for Local Facilitators who would be introducing and talking to the different practices.

Open day programme/outline

  1. Welcome and introductions and Description of the AgriSi programme and implementation to date
  2. Five finger outline and review of good practices
  3. Small group stations: LF’s hosted a station and described the implementation of various practices. Physical demonstrations were in place as well as a broad of relevant A4 photographs
    1. WATER: line levels, diversion ditches, ridges and furrows, banana basins, mulching
    2. TRENCHBEDS: packing of trench beds, mixed cropping, mulching, irrigation using 20l drip kit
    3. TUNNEL: Construction, microclimate creation, planting, mixed cropping and irrigation using 200l drip kit
    4. CONSERVATION AGRICULUTRE AND LIQUID MANURE: The three main principles minimal soil disturbance, soil cover and diversified cropping, planting – including close spacing, different cropping options including maize, millet, sorghum, legumes and fodder crops. Different types of animal and plant based liquid manures
  4. Feedback session
  5. Future planning

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